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C.E. ANTS Company Limited
Bangkok, Thailand

Build-to-Print Manufacturing Service

The processes requested by our customers are also very varied, but we are flexible and willing. We can place SMDs only and deliver boards in panel form. We can do full turnkey products where they are packaged ready to put on store shelves. We can provide various options for you to consider. Our main services are:-

Remark : Some services are provided to existing customers only.

Typical Products

Due to the nature of sub-contract manufacturing business, we assemble a wide range of products. Here are some examples:-

LED Applications

  • General Lighting
  • Entertainment & Decorative Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Signs & Displays
  • Vehicles
  • Mobile Appliances
  • Signals
  • Industrial and Medical
  • Backlighting & Projection
  • Advantages of using High power LEDs for lighting applications
    + Longer life = Less maintenance
    + Cooler operating temperature = Do not tarnish surrounding, Can operate in refrigerators
    + No UV = Do not degrade lighted area
    + Lower energy = Lower operating cost
    + No mercury = Envionmentally friendly
    + Higher resistant to shock and vibration = Can be used in moving parts
    + Instant on, Directional, Variable intensity = Controllable
    - Lower light output at high temperature = Require metal (aluminium) PCB to dissipate heat

    Area Served

    We service customers all over Thailand. We can arrange to make material pick-ups and deliveries in most provinces.

    We directly and indirectly export our assemblies to several regions across the world.

    SMT Assembly Service You Can Trust

    Reliable PCB assembly service in Bangkok, Thailand.
    ยินดีรับงานเล็ก มีกำลังการผลิตและประสบการณ์รับงานใหญ่