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คำถามที่ถูกถามบ่อย (ถาม-ตอบ)

Q: Can you....?
A: If you need it, we can do it.

Q: What don't you do?
A: We do not design products. We only design manufacturing process and toolings. We can make modifications, but the customer must provide initial gerber (for PCB), drawings (for mechanical parts) and artwork (for logo and packaging). If you have schematic diagram and would like to generate gerber files for PCB fabrication, we can help put you in touch with third party design house. Although we don't design products, we can make suggestions regarding DFM, cost reduction, alternative components and de facto standards.

Q: Who are your major customers?
A: We manufacture products that go into household brandnames. However, to comply with our NDA we cannot name the customers. Local customers include those listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand. Countries we have shipped to include Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA, Australia, China and Singapore.

Q: Which currency do you sell in?
A: We are flexible. We can sell in Thai Baht (THB), US Dollar (USD) or any currency of your choice. For the latest exchange rate please check with Bangkok Bank. (Bank of Thailand provide average rates.)

Q: What is your SMT placement price per point?
A: We do not quote SMT assembly as price per placement. We normally quote price per board. The price is dependent on : batch size, placement quantity, feeder quantities, component sizes, PCB panel configuration, quality level, special instructions, test time, packing requiremnts, shipping terms, payment terms, urgency requirements, documentation available.

Q: What is your minimum order value?
A: Minimum order for Thai companies is 19,000 baht plus 7% Value Added Tax. Minimum order for export - qualifying for 0% tax - is 75,000 baht (around 2300 US dollars.)

Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: Turnkey orders depend on material MOQ (usually around 2000 sets). Labour only orders should exceed minimum order value.

Q: What is the minimum SMD placements for running on your SMT lines?
The number of SMT placements should be at least fifty times the number of SMD line items, but we are flexible so please enquire about your requirements.

Q: What is your capacity?
A: We can do 1,000,000 SMD placements per day (theoretically 1.5 million placements/day). We can add the number of manhours to match manual assembly demands.

Q: How long does it take to quote?
A: 2-3 working days for assemblies. 2-3 weeks for materials (25 line items). Actual time depends on product complexity and quality of information in the RFQ package.

Q: What information do you need to quote?
A: 1. Batch quanities. 2. Bill of materials (BOM) i.e. parts list (preferably with manufacturer part numbers for catalogue parts). 3. PCB gerber (preferably in RS-274X format) and/or pictures of product with dimensions. 4. Panel layout. 5. Components' XY coordinates. 6. Drawings for mechanical parts (if any). 7. Drawings for mechanical assembly (if applicable). 8. Test time. 9. Packing and shipping requirements. 10. Billing requirements and payment method.

Q: What is the manufacturing turnaround time (excluding material lead-time)?
A: Usually less than one week for small, scheduled run. Add 4-10 working days to first build for tooling fabrication and process set-up. (Unscheduled runs depends on capacities and commitments at that time.)

Q: How long does it take to ship products to the United States?
A: Usually 2 days flying time; 3 days to account for time difference. We provide paperwork to speed shipments through US Customs.

Q: What is the tax rate for PCBA?
A: Export tax for Thailand is 0%. Import tax for most countries, including the EU, is 0%.

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